Software Developer

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Machine Interfacing and Control

SECS/GEM & RS232 Machine Interfacing Expert

After earning undergraduate degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering, I went on to become an expert at interfacing to tools to collect data, track product and run recipes. After 14 years with IBM manufacturing (during which time I completed a Master's Degree in Computer Science) and 3 years with Applied Materials (as an the sole embedded Ion Implant equipment software support engineer in the US), I spent 2001 through 2008 as an automation engineer with Cypress Semiconductor in Round Rock, Texas.  

Front and Back End Web Development, Technical Illustration

The (previously planned) shutdown of the Cypress Semiconductor Texas site at the end of 2008 (it was an older 6 inch wafer fab, and manufacturing was moved to China) coincided with the economic downturn. As we all know, manufacturing was especially hard hit. 

Since the downturn, I've been contracting (mainly for Cypress Semiconductor Corporate in San Jose and Cypress Fab4 in Bloomington, Minnesota), and have been working on improving my web skills during downtime between jobs.  I'd welcome the chance to discuss any HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Flash CS4 ActionScript 3, Drupal (or other interactive data visualization or web/graphics) needs you might have.


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